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The Wacky Pack is a downloadable DOOM II Mod from the same creator of the other games on this wiki.

It uses music made by PilotRedSun.

The mapset is currently unfinished and in alpha. It currently has 17 maps, but will have at least 32 maps and 2 secret maps when it is complete.

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Download (Alpha 0.8) (Requires GZDOOM with jumping and crouching enabled.)

List of Enemies


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In this game the "Wacky Pack" Are a gang of interdimensional criminals who traveled to the same continuity as Doomguy after the Hell Invasion in DOOM II. Doomguy decides to rid the multiverse of another threat, and a threat to himself.


The main point of the game is killing enemies.

Unlike enemies in DOOM II, Wacky Pack enemies do not infight and have only a single angle of animation (with some exceptions)

They will still deal damage to monsters and can kill them this way though. Monsters will not deal damage to other monsters of the same type or monsters of the same species as themselves.


Weaponry[edit | edit source]

There are currently 3 new weapons added in Wacky Pack.


Bomb Launcher: A two handed cannon weapon that can fire bombs similar to the ones thrown by Clowns. It has an alternate fire that fires 3 bombs instead of one. It has a slow reload time, but massive damage and knockback.


Dual Punishers: Two laser pistols that fire green orbs of energy. Best used at medium range, as it becomes inaccurate if you are too close, or too far away. Blac-Ops can sometimes drop this gun.


Soul Sucker: A demonic weapon that is the skull and spine of some demon. It fires 3 homing souls that periodically change direction to the closest enemy. This weapon does a lot of damage, and also has splash damage. It can kill powerful enemies in 1 or 2 shots, but can also kill you if you fire it too close to a wall!

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