Voyds are enemies that appear in Hectic.


As it appears in game.


Voyds take the appearance of a typical cultist, with robes and a blacked out hood area with two glowing visible eyes. Upon doing its teleport attack, the Voyds eyes will change to blue instead of purple.


Voyds are commonly found alongside Siren enemies for unknown reasons. The Voyd appears much earlier in game than the Siren however, and has a devastating attack: when the player gets close, the Voyd will retreat backwards and attempt to teleport directly on top of the player. Given their low HP, it is very possible to kill the Voyd before this happens.

If the Voyd does successfully teleport onto the player, it can pose some very dangerous problems. Given the Voyds ability to explode every now and then when it is killed, they can explode directly on top of players in the middle of shooting. It is important to keep an eye out for these enemies. Besides this ability, Voyds can also dish out a fairly large amount of melee damage with their cult knives.


  1. Voyds chest swells up and then pops. Voyd falls onto front.
  2. Voyds entire body swells up, and then explodes, dealing explosion damage and creating two shockwave missiles.
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