Succubus as it appears in game.


One of the Succubus' attack. It's wings turn to lava and its tendrils retreat up into its body.

The Succubus is an enemy that appear in Battleship Game.


The Succubus appears as a female torso and head with a pair of wings sprouting from the back and to each side. Instead of legs, it has 3 red tentacles that dangle down from the bottom of the torso.


First encountered in the Hell levels, the Succubus uses many recycled bullets from other enemies. It has two types of attacks which are roughly the same: spreading fireballs, demonshot and hellfire in random directions, it is not a good idea to stand very close to the succubus. Touching a Succubus will ignite the player. After being shot 5 times, the Succubus will laugh and bend backwards, breaking in half and dying.

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