The Skullshot as it appears in game.


BS2 Skullshot

The Skullshot is an enemy that appears in both Battleship Games.


Battleship 1

The Skullshot appears as a fleshy circular object with squirming tentacles and a skull wedged in its center. When the skull is removed a black void can be seen.

Battleship 2

In Battleship 2 the Skullshot appears mostly the same. The Main body is now supported by the fleshy limbs like a tripod, and jiggles when it walks.


The Skullshot will move in random directions, moving off of walls and around the area presented to it. When a player gets within range, the skullshot will deattach its head from its fleshy body and shoot it as a projectile towards the player, staying still and waiting for the skull to regenerate. When the skull hits the player or a wall, it breaks into 3 bone-a-rangs.

Shooting this enemy 4 times will cause it to reel over and fall down with crossed out eyes on the skull. Regardless of whether or not the skull was present during it's death sequence it will play the same animation.

In BS2, It has the same attack, but the skull bullet does not break into bone-a-rangs. Instead it has a small chance to block player bullets and also to bounce off of walls. The skullshot takes 3 shots to kill instead of 4, and has a different death sequence: It sprouts 3 holes and collapses, green blood spewing everywhere.


The Skullshot regenerating it's skull after launching an attack.

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