The Siren using her scream attack.

The Siren is an enemy that appears in Hectic enemies.


The Siren appears as a woman without arms in a white jumpsuit. She has a prominent pair of lips and lacks any other facial features.


The Sirens will wait in place, most often accompanied by Voyds. Upon spotting the player, the Siren will scream, releasing a large projectile that glows and rotates slowly. It will drift lazily towards the players general direction, before rapidly changing direction and heading straight for them. It cannot be destroyed and must be jumped over.

The Siren is one of the only enemies in the game who has no melee attack or contact damage, making killing them an easy task. After being shot 3 times, the Sirens will die.


  1. The Siren tears between the legs, and splits slowly in half all the way to her throat.
  2. The Sirens head explodes into blood and brains. The body wavers slightly before collapsing.
  3. The siren is hit so hard she does a flip and lands on her stomach.
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