The Nun as she appears in game.

The Nun is an enemy that appears in Hectic.


The Nuns resemble typical nuns, albeit with their legs not showing, their cowls touching the floor, and a mouth with two large fangs. Their eyes are pure blue but turn blood red while attacking. As shown in its attacks, it has a mouth full of disgusting tentacles.


The Nun will sit still and pray, patiently awaiting the players approach. When the Player approaches, the Nun will walk towards them slowly, preparing one of 3 attacks.

1. The Nun will turn towards the camera, raise her hands and levitate. A red aura surrounds her, and fireballs are spawned, raining down upon the ground (and the player) below.

2. The Nun will open her mouth and retch an acidic cross at the player. This attack shows her tentacle mouth.

3. The Nun will get down on all fours (which turn into spikey appendages) and crawl along the ground, becoming invincible for the moment. All bullets shot during this phase by the player, if they hit the Nun, will turn into fireballs.


The Nuns vomit attack.

The Nun does not deal contact damage, but her ability to use a variety of attacks ensures that she will rarely just stand there. Take extreme prejudice in eliminating these enemies. It takes 9 shots to kill a Nun, a high level of shots for such a damaging enemy.


1. The Nun will rear back and levitate, her eyes spewing beams of light, before collapsing onto her behind.

2. The Nuns face splits apart slightly and she falls down, bleeding, onto her back.


The Nun levitating and creating fireballs.


-The Nun is inspired by Double from Skullgirls, another demonic woman (thing) of faith.

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