The Insane Ship in Battleship Game


The Insane Ship in Battleship Game 2

The Insane Ship is an enemy from both Battleship Games.


Very similar to the Greeny, the Insane Ship is simply a colorswapped version with purple lights instead of red, and a blue hull instead of green. In Battleship Game 2, the lights are red instead of purple.


Exactly like a Greeny in Battleship Game, but much faster. It does the same contact damage but does not seek the player out, and will burst into red and orange flames when shot once.

In Battleship Game 2, the Insane Ships gain the ability to travel in a circle pattern, making it hard to land a shot on them should they choose to do this. They also appear to bend or warp before doing this.

Curiously, instead of the typical CLUNK sound effect, the Insane Ship plays a monster-like growl sound upon dying, suggesting that it is maybe not a ship at all...

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