The Greeny (Basic Ship in Battleship Game) as it appears in Battleship Game.

The Greeny (Also known as the Basic Ship and the Spaceship) Is the most basic enemy in several games. It appears in Battleship Game 2, The Swarm, and Battleship Game.


The Greeny has several appearances, but mostly follows the same principle. A topdown view of a generic spaceship, with lights on the side. In it's debut appearance in BS1, the Greeny had red lights on the side and was known as the Basic Ship. In BS2 and The Swarm (Where it appears as a delivery device of powerups) It has blue lights instead of red.



The Greeny as it appears in Battleship Game 2

Being the most generic and basic enemy in the Battleship games, the Greeny does nothing except bounce from wall to wall. It's only method of attack is to touch the player, and it does not even seek the player out. Even if it manages to hit the player, it only deals one damage and dies in the process. If shot one time it will collapse and begin to burn.

It acts much the same way in The Swarm, but it does not deal contact damage and must be shot to drop a powerup. This is the players main way of getting powerups, and so it is a vital part to many survival schemes in this game. If shot it does not catch flame like the Battleship games, but simply shrinks down into nothingness, leaving a powerup in its place.


The Powerup Crate from The Swarm

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