The Wacky Pack is a downloadable DOOM II Mod from the same creator of the other games on this wiki.

It uses music made by PilotRedSun.

Download Link (Alpha 0.5)

In this game the "Wacky Pack" Are a gang of interdimensional criminals who traveled to the same continuity as Doomguy after the Hell Invasion in DOOM II. Doomguy decides to rid the multiverse of another threat, and a threat to himself.


The main point of the game is killing enemies.

Unlike enemies in DOOM II, Wacky Pack enemies do not infight and have only a single angle of animation (with some exceptions)

They will still deal damage to monsters and can kill them this way though. Monsters will not deal damage to other monsters of the same type or monsters of the same species as themselves.


Enemies don't damage enemies of the same species as themselves

Upcoming Enemies Edit

These are upcoming enemies, confirmed by me the maker of the wad woohoo. These would have to be really elaborate fakes or something, heheh...

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