The Apanaman is an enemy that appears in Icon Fight: Revenge.


The Apanaman as it appears in Iconfight: Revenge


The Apanaman resembles a fairly large grey creature, with 2 black and shiny eyes, and a nozzle-like appendage on top of its head. It has 2 stubby legs.


The Apanaman is a spamming enemy which will walk around randomly. It bumps off of walls and fires a constant stream of fireballs from the nozzle on top of its head, which go full circle into a 360 sphere. This can block off entire rooms, as the bullets cannot be shot and will be destroy the players bullets. After taking enough damage, the Apanaman will break in half, with its head flying off and hitting a wall.


-The Apanaman is remade from its design in Icon Fight, where it was a boxy monster with roughly the same design. It had a flatter face and died in a single shot.

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